Great leadership starts with the heart.  This series of short videos pulls lessons from failures of leadership throughout the Bible. While much of my writing on leadership is very practical, this video series deals with the major areas of the heart that I’ve been challenged with in my leadership development.

You can simply watch the videos OR maximize the experience by doing the recommended reading and participating in the discussion questions.  I find there is a lot of value to the collective learning experience.  So, please share your thoughts and experience.  You may have a key to help someone else along.

If you find that this is helpful for you, take the time and share it with other aspiring leaders.

#1: “Introduction” – This 5 minute video introduces this series on Leadership.  What do Zach Morris, Biblical Leaders and God have to teach us about leadership?  Find out as we jump into the first video in the Leadership#Fail series!

#2: “The Leadership Blame Game” – There are many traps on the way to becoming a great leader.  This short video identifies two and provides quick solutions to help you overcome them.  I look forward to your comments on the discussion questions below.

#3: “How to get rid of manipulation in your leadership” – Deception and Manipulation seem to be a favored approach to leadership today.  This short video uncovers what’s behind it and helps you take a better leadership path.

#4: “Why do some great leaders fall so hard?” – Does it ever seem scary to step out as a leader?  You probably recognize that leadership calls us to a higher standard.  This video will challenge you as a leader to put to practice what you preach, leading by example.

#5: “How to Grow your Leadership Influence” – It’s OK to have ambition when it comes to leadership.  But there is a right way to go about it and a wrong way to go about it.  This short video will encourage you to grow your leadership influence the way God intended.

#6: “Great Leadership Invests in the Next Generation” – Your leadership accomplishments will be for nothing if you don’t reach a new generation.  This short video will challenge you to invest in a new generation and to keep your commitment to the vision strong…to the very end.

#7: “Final” – Leadership can be a very powerful tool.  But, power is not the end game.  In this final video, be challenged to use your leadership for what is was created to do!

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