These days most books focus on what parents need to raise better children, but The Honor Cycle [coming soon!] sheds light into the two-way nature of the relationship between parents and children. It highlights how God works across generations to fulfill his greater plans. The insights in this book helped me understand those small, but daily, building blocks that have strengthened my relationship with my parents.

 – Kelly, DC Entrepreneur

When I got the results from my LSAT test, I didn’t get the score that I anticipated. I immediately started to feel discouraged. I went back to a podcast that Harrison preached called Accessing the Power – and felt immediately encouraged. I held on to God’s Word and really went for it!  After re-taking the test in December, I applied to law schools. Turns out, God was on my side! I was accepted to every school I applied to and most with significant scholarship! I am so grateful for my pastors for really planting some awesome seeds in my life! I have truly learned how to put God as the focus and the center of my life.

Katori, Vanderbilt University Law Student

Just read your post regarding “How to Get Rid of Manipulation in Your Leadership.” My hope and prayer is that your 3 minute and 51 second video could be heard by every college grad preparing to enter the job market, all folks in the job market and hiring managers coast to coast. You struck a chord with me. God cares so deeply about each of us and is so personal.

– Virginia, Hawaii

Just listened to the podcast of “What to do when your life is in transition”. It really spoke to me with everything I have been going through in my life and gave me a lot of perspective on all of this happening for a reason. I’ve spent so much time looking at this “season” as the worst of my life and just waiting for it to be over… but it truely has been a blessing in disguise.

– Joshua, Washington, DC

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