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hI’m never shocked when I hear people struggle with the idea of honor. Because honor is primarily thought to be associated with actions instead of the heart, this generation has concluded that honor is simply obedience, speaking respectfully or withholding an opinion in deference to another.  This kind of action-based honor has been demonstrated by previous generations.  It looks like this:

  • A kid who says “yes, sir” to his father, but despises him in his heart
  • An employee who represses his ideas to avoid a confrontation with his boss
  • A wife who submits to emotional abuse in reverence to her husband
  • A cultist who blindly follows a leader to his death

These are people hiding behind cloaks of “honor”.  This perverted idea of honor has been paraded as the real deal.  And for the most part, nobody buys it anymore…and rightly so!  A deceitful show of honor only leads to emotional hurt.  It leaves you feeling powerless and often causes you to hurt others.  You sense that this is not what true honor is about.  As a result you may have fled in the opposite direction.

What do you think is the true nature of Honor?

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