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????????????????????????????????????????Here’s how I got my first salaried job.  I walked in for the interview and told my future boss, “I feel like God told me I’m supposed to work here and serve you.”  I was supposed to have a college degree.  I was supposed to have a resume showing admin experience.  I should have been laughed out of the room.  What happened was the opposite.  Over the next two years I was given responsibility over areas that a 20-year-old had no business running.  I was trusted to help manage a multimillion dollar department.  I was set on a trajectory toward management that has elevated my entire career.

I don’t recommend you go to interviews telling people God told you that you were going to get the job.  That part was foolish.  I shared that because it shows how God was posturing my heart toward my boss and the job I was pursuing. Here’s the radical posture I’m suggesting: God has sent you to serve your boss and the people around you at work.  If you will assume that posture, you will never stop being promoted and growing in favor at work.

The Bible says that “he who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)  I wonder, is your posture toward your boss and your coworkers working for you or against you?  What could you do today to communicate your willingness to serve?  Get out there and serve the people God has put around you.  Your promotion is just around the corner!