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Not just old people.  But, people older than you.  It’s easy to dismiss them as irrelevant.  They don’t always understand the way you think.  They talk weird.  They have archaic methods.  And, when everyone else thinks you’re a superstar, they don’t seem to think you’re all that.  Yet, one very important key to making the most of your life is pulling the jewels of wisdom out of the older people around you.

In fact, the Bible says when we honor fathers and mothers in our life that “it will go well” with us. Positioning ourselves to receive from fathers and others actually sets us up for success!

How can you do it?  How can you find the relevancy in old(er) people?

Here are some quick suggestions to get you started:

1.) Assume You Don’t Know it All: I’m wired to believe that I know best about pretty much everything.  I have to be intentional to remember that I need input from older people.  I try to make sure I do a little “self-talk” before engaging older people in conversation.

2.) Show up with Questions: I used to have an employee who came to every meeting with me armed with a list of questions.  Every time it pulled the best out of me that I could offer.  I felt like she respected me and wanted me to weigh in.

3.) Seek Advice: Honor values and puts weight on the input of older people.  Before you make your decision, sincerely seek out what they have to say.

4.) Ask God to Speak Through Them: Look for areas where you can involve older people in your decision-making.  Ask God to give them wisdom and speak through them.

You’ll be amazed at how much success comes to you simply by acknowledging the relevancy of older people in your life.  How do you involve old(er) people in your life and decision-making?