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Every day we spend at odds with our parents is a day we miss out on their very special role in our lives.  Even though we’re adults, they have so much to offer us.  What if, by the end of this weekend, you could be tapping into that source of wisdom and encouragement more than you ever have before?

There is a relational cycle between parents and children that I call the Honor Cycle.  When we are intentional to meet the emotional needs of our parents, they almost automatically respond by meeting the needs that we have.  One of our parents greatest needs is to be honored, which really just means “valued”.

Here are a few ideas you could put to practice this weekend to put The Honor Cycle to work in your family.

6 Ideas for Valuing Your Parents This Weekend:

1.) Make It Easy On Them: Parents carry a large sense of responsibility for their children.  Purpose to make their job easy.  Don’t give them a hard time for trying to be good parents.  Receive the blessings they give, even if it’s not done perfectly.

2.) Tell Them What You’ve Learned: If your parents have taught you something that has helped you, let them know.  It communicates value and adds to their legacy.

3.) Seek First to Understand: This adage from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People applies to every relationship.  Make it your job to understand where your parents are coming from before presenting your opinions.

4.) Pray For Them: My Pastor always says that if you can get someone praying for something, it puts a hook in their jaw…they’ll cherish what they pray for.  Pray for your parents and watch yourself grow closer to them.

5.) Represent Them Well: My dad once told me that the best way for me to honor him is to follow after God.  Just living a Godly life is the most honoring thing I can do.

6.) Believe the Best: Your parents are going to go through things.  People will question their integrity at times and at times, people may be right.  You may be the one person who holds out for the inner-jewel you know they are.  Stand by them and believe in them.

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How have you been successful at communicating value to your parents?