Stretching.  I heard a speaker talk at Wave Conference this week.  He said that once you’ve stretched something, it never quite goes back to the way it was.  Take these jeans I’m wearing today that I bought a month ago.  They used to fit so perfect.  It only took a few days, though, before they lost that snug comfortable feeling.  Now I feel like I have to pull them up every five minutes to keep them from hanging around my knees.

Young adults…we’re about to experience a stretching that I don’t hear many people talking about.  Something is going to be required of us that is far beyond our current potential.  And I wonder…are we up for the challenge?

We are a relatively small generation sandwiched between much larger generations.  In less than two decades it’s going to be up to us to provide care for a much larger elderly generation while simultaneously providing a better future for a much larger generation following close behind.   The time investment…the financial investment…the emotional investment…all of it will be greater than anything we’ve faced before, or seen faced in our lifetime.  We are about to be stretched!
Are we up for the challenge?