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It was an eerily humid South Carolina day.  It had just rained, but it wasn’t the refreshing kind…more like the drips from the ceiling of a sauna.  I remember the silent, dark mass hovering above me, moving slowly through the sky.  I remember the intrigue.  But that’s all.  The next moment was just disorientation.  The steam coming up from the street seemed consuming and I was having trouble breathing.  I went inside to regain my strength, confused as to how a few minutes outside could be so draining.

I share this story from my childhood because I want you to understand just how much I like myself.  When I thought back on this experience years later while listening to late-night radio I realized that I may have actually been abducted by aliens.  I won’t go into the details…but here’s the point.  I immediately could only think of two reasons why aliens would have abducted little-ole me:

  • They somehow could see the future.  They knew that I was going to turn out to be an amazing influential, awesome leader.  And they wanted to experiment on me to understand what made me so great.

– OR –

  • They actually did something to me that gave me subtle super-human qualities that I would use to become an amazing influential, awesome leader.

Yes.  I’m that much in love with myself.  But you know what?  I like that about myself, too!  I don’t believe that humility is all about thinking you’re less awesome than everyone else.  Humility is a posture toward other people, having little to do with your self-image.

16 ways to like yourself but still be humble:

  1. Believe the best about the intentions of others.
  2. Take time to listen and understand other points of view.
  3. Remain Teachable.
  4. Don’t assume a place of honor.  Let others invite you to that place.
  5. Honor Authority.
  6. Hang around people with higher developed capacity than you.
  7. Develop a friendship with someone poor.
  8. Find a Cause bigger than yourself.
  9. Start a blog…and see how many of your friends actually read it 🙂
  10. Place God’s ways and His Word above your reasoning.
  11. Find areas of your life you can submit to others.
  12. Give up your seat on a crowded bus/train.
  13. Get married.  Have children.
  14. Invest in someone younger than you.
  15. Seek out and listen to someone’s story.
  16. Talk about how awesome someone else is.

What do you think?  Is it possible to like yourself and still be humble?  How do you do it?