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Good question.  Most of us were anxiously waiting to get out from under our parents’ roof.  We wanted to be free from their rules.  Why go backwards and reach out to them for advice?

I’ve got a personal problem.  Basically, I think I know best about pretty much everything.  I have a natural tendency to believe that the best answers are inside of me.  I tend to value my own thoughts above anything else.  But, that’s just stupid!

Think about it this way.  What if every generation learned every lesson for themselves?  What if we never passed along successes or failures from one generation to the other?  Society would never advance.  It would reset itself every 70 years or so.  It’s the same for you and your family line.  Your parents, no matter how successful, are a deep reservoir of experience and wisdom.  You may not believe it, but they have a lot to offer.

Tell me about your posture toward older generations.  Do you naturally value their input?  Or, are you like me and more naturally inclined to listen only to yourself?