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Don’t forget to check-out the first leadership lessons video lecture (it’s only 5 mins) posted below.

And, I thought you would enjoy this post by Michael Hyatt.  It really motivated me to get up everyday and knock out the most important things, first!  http://michaelhyatt.com/slay-your-dragons-before-breakfast.html


Week One – Assigned Readings:
– Genesis 3
– Genesis 27-33
– Exodus 4
– Exodus 18
– Numbers 20

Questions for Discussion:

1.) What can we learn about leadership from Adam’s experience in Genesis 3?

2.) Jacob underwent a major transformation in his personality through his story. What things do you notice change about his approach to leadership?

3.) Why is God always angry at Moses? What are you learning from thee stories?

4.) What areas of leadership development would you like to talk about?